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Transformer les idées créatives en réalité.

General sales conditions:

Article 1: Subject

These general sales conditions are intended to define the rights and obligations of ‘Cat in the Box’ and its clients. By  ‘Cat in the Box’ we state that it also contains the people working for this group.

These general conditions and the commercial rules regulate the terms and sale conditions of ‘Cat in the Box’ products and services. They will prevail over any clauses and conditions that may appear on orders or other documents from the client.

Article 2 – Prices and consistency of services

Prices and deadlines are valid for one month from the date of issue of the offer. Each order is set and non-revisable even if it plays a role in the course of this month.

The services provided include everything that is explicitly listed. Any services not included in the proposal will be subject to a free supplementary offer. Corrections requested by the customer are not unlimited, only those included in the order form will be made, any additional corrections will be billed by the hour.

Article 3 – Terms of payment

Payments required: a deposit of 25% in the month following the signing of the purchase order and 75% upon delivery of the services/products. A dissimilar or more detailed payment plan can be arranged upon written approval.

In case of non-payment as from the 30th day of discrepancy concerning an invoice issued, the customer will be liable, ipso jure and without notice, to the payment of interest at the key rate plus 12%. The customer will also be liable, ipso jure and without prior notice, for an indemnity equivalent to 15% of the invoice amount (excluded VAT) with a minimum of 50 €.

In accordance with article 6 of the law of 2nd of August 2002; the customer will compensate ‘Cat in the Box’ for all recovery costs, including legal fees, legal advice and technical advice, in the event of their failure to comply with the law or one of the obligations placed by it through these general conditions.

Article 4 – Delivery of models and working documents

In the absence of contrary indications, the intermediate working documents and the model products are delivered to you:

  • by hand on paper during a working meeting,
  • by email as compressed files (ZIP or PDF).
  • by a URL link (for example in the case of a website).

Article 5 – Copyrights and commercial notices

Unless explicitly stated otherwise by the client, the company ‘Cat in the Box’ reserves the right to include in the production/realization a commercial mention clearly indicating its contribution.

In the form of a mention of the type:

  • “Design by Cat in the Box”, when it concerns graphic design services
  • “Print by Cat in the Box”, when it comes to printing services
  • “Realization: Cat in the Box” or “Design: Cat in the Box” when it comes to web development services.
  • “Creation by Cat in the Box”, more generically when it comes to a global service.

Article 6 – Ownership of production

The total production, subject of the order, remains entirely and exclusively property of the company ‘Cat in the Box’ as long as the invoices issued by ‘Cat in the Box’ or the people who compose them, are not paid in full by the client, up to the global amount of the order and the possible amendments concluded during the execution.

As a corollary, the client will become the de-facto owner of the product as of the final settlement and payment of all outstanding bills. Production files and sources remain property of ‘Cat in the Box’, only the finished product will be sent to the customer. If the client wishes to have the sources of the documents, an amendment must be requested.

Article 7 – Responsibility and ownership of contents

The client, represented by the signatory of the order, acknowledges furthermore assumes full and complete responsibility for the choices made in terms of textual and iconographic content, contained in the product delivered by ‘Cat in the Box’.

The client , represented by the signatory of this order, acknowledges having taken cognizance of the warnings made by ‘Cat in the Box’, concerning the laws of copyright and intellectual property, and the penalties that may be incurred in title of their violation. Any text provided by the client must be re-read and corrected by the client, no modification or misspelling will be corrected by ‘Cat in the Box’.

Article 8 – Advertising rights

Unless explicitly stated otherwise by the customer, notified by mail with acknowledgment of receipt, ‘Cat in the Box’ reserves the right to mention its realization for the customer as a reference in the context of its business prospecting, external communication, and advertising.

The client , represented by the signatory of this order, authorizes Cat in the Box’, to use, for purely demonstrative purposes, the realization. This authorization extends more particularly to the constituent elements of the production, including without restriction the public presentation of the following contents: the textual contents, the iconographic contents.

Article 9 – Domain Name

Since ‘Cat in the Box’ only acts as a technical intermediary with naming companies for domain name registration, we must take into account the general conditions of sale of these organizations. The customer remains sole owner of the domain name. They recognize to use the domain name in accordance with the legislation in force and the rights of third parties. The customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless ‘Cat in the Box’, against all recourse, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses arising from the registration of the domain name.

Article 10 – Accommodation

The customer’s website will be hosted on its behalf by ‘Cat in the Box’ through suppliers. The guaranteed annual visibility rate is 95% except in cases of force majeure, disruption or even network congestion, anomalies, maintenance or improvement of the computer systems used. The allocated Internet space is guaranteed without advertising.  ‘Cat in the Box’  will not be held responsible for the interruption of service due to suppliers.

Due to the characteristics and limits of the Internet that the customer claims to know perfectly,  ‘Cat in the Box’  can not be held responsible for:

the difficulties of accessing the hosted system due to the saturation of the Internet network, disruptions in the telecommunication network and the influx of Internet users at certain times,

the performance and response time limits to view, query, or transfer data,

contamination by data viruses and / or client software whose protection is the responsibility of the latter,

malicious third-party intrusions on hosted sites, despite the reasonable security measures implemented by Cat in the box design and its suppliers,

any damage to the customer’s equipment, which is the sole responsibility of the customer,

possible misappropriation by third parties because of client’s fault of passwords, confidential codes, and more generally any sensitive information for the customer.

Article 11 – Email

‘Cat in the Box’ offers in its services to provide emails. The customer acknowledges being fully responsible for the content of the emails he sends and undertakes to comply with the legal conditions for the use of email services.

Article 12 – Referencing

‘Cat in the Box’ does not guarantee the result of referencing a website accurately, on the other hand it will strive to ensure correct referencing.

Article 13 – Dispute

In case of dispute the Commercial Court of Tongeren has sole jurisdiction even in case of plurality of defendants and regardless of the quality thereof, incidental claim, warranty claim, and notwithstanding any contrary clauses printed in the vouchers order of buyers.

Article 14 – Force majeure

Cat in the box design can not be held responsible for a delay not respected because of any fortuitous event or force majeure as, in particular, any act emanating from a civil or military authority, de facto or right to strike , fire, flood, water damage, storm and lightning, accident, riot, attack, failure to deliver documents for the creation or commissioning of the product, any fact attributable to a third party, or other circumstance having an external cause and preventing him, directly or through a third party, from meeting the said obligations.

Article 15 – Jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of these general sales conditions are subject to the Belgian law.